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Mad City Moving Services – Referred to as MCM

Estimates are based upon the most complete & specific information available as provided by you, the customer. For our estimates to be reasonably accurate, you must be as complete as possible in explaining your moving needs. The time planned for your move is important to you and our scheduling. If the scope of your move has changed from the time of our estimate (there is more or less to be moved), please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary changes to our schedule. We have an obligation to be timely for all customers that day.

Extenuating circumstances can affect move time & cost – Elements that can affect the time are: parking constraints, long carries, stair cases that are narrow or twisted, small elevators, disassembling and reassembling of furniture if required (particle board pieces, beds, etc.), unexpected packing required, non-specific directions to your home/apartment, absence of road signs, or a new development or house number not present. Extra ordinarily heavy objects may require additional men to safely move the pieces, which will result in additional cost. Examples ei, pianos, safes, subzero appliances. We do not drive/park on private property such as lawns, or sidewalks.

Packing is a very important aspect of your move. We are happy to provide all or some of the service. Depending on need, the estimate may/may not include packing and/or materials. If we pack as part of the service, it may be necessary to complete it one or two days prior to the move. That would be determined when planning your move. MCM will not be responsible for contents of boxes we do not pack. Damage as a result of color distorting chemicals (bleaches, paints etc.), flammable or other hazardous chemicals or perishables and will not be responsible for resulting damages or consequences associated with such if those items were packed. Suitcases/Luggage should not be packed full of other items, any damage due to items being too heavy, or packed too full, comprising the integrity of the pieces, MCM will not be liable for any damage. Open top boxes, unpacked or loose items, owner packed boxes and contents are the responsibility of the customer. Fragile, breakable and electronic items not professionally packed by your mover are also customer responsibility. Packing materials are not carried on the truck, please call in advance if materials are needed. Wardrobes and new unused materials can be returned for credit. If providing packing service only, our liability ends with our service, we do not assume continued liability to cover load, transfer, unload and unpacking.

Special requests if any, should be discussed before move day to be certain we are prepared (i.e.)pianos or gun safes, setting up your beds, assembling any pieces or general packing/unpacking assistance required, need to transfer articles over balcony or loft.

Arrival times are intended to be accurate, but mid-day schedules are very time approximate. We will make every attempt to advise in the event of a significant delay or early availability.

Parking & Access at the residences is an extremely important aspect of the move. Please be certain to provide a clean and safe walkway throughout your home and to the truck , all snow, ice and obstructions should be removed from driveway and sidewalk to avoid accident and damage. There should be a clear path for your furniture to be maneuvered around to prevent damage. We do not drive/park on private property other than driveway or parking lot. Any agreement with the owner or permission by the owner must be written, signed by the owner and witnessed so as to absolve MCM of any liability relative to damages resulting from our truck including lawn, trees, underground lines, sidewalk, driveway etc that must be driven on to park where you wish our vehicle placed. Loose, unpacked items lying around the home are not covered and are at the responsibility of the customer.

Hazardous Materials, color affecting chemicals and perishable goods such as gasoline, bleach, food etc. cannot be transported by MCM. Should they inadvertently be packed and moved, any damage resulting will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Federal law prohibits you to transport hazardous materials with our moving company.

Floor protection is carried on the truck. We carry two 14’ cloth runners and four rubber backed 25’ runners at no added cost to you. Should you require more, please advise before move day and our team can additional for a nominal fee.

Added charges may apply to temporary storage needs, 2nd truck needs, layover fees, additional persons required or materials needed etc. This would be discussed in planning your move if known. Safes, pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers, armoires etc can require added assistance which would increase the hourly rate, but there is no added charge for heavy piece items.

Reschedule/Cancellation of a confirmed move, if required, must be done five business days prior to your move. If you cancel or fail to reschedule without adequate notice, we will bill a minimum of one hour. If we have no notice and arrive, we bill for actual time on the job plus any mileage fee if applicable (if your move is not in greater Dane county) with a 2 hour minimum. If you must reschedule on short notice due to emergency, we will do our utmost to work with you when you reschedule to minimize/eliminate the late cancel fee. We understand emergencies occasionally occur. If you cancel/reschedule, be certain you have the date, time, cancellation number and the MCM individual’s name.

Your presence during your move or an authorized attendee is required & important to you for several reasons. To save time and costs in your move, we do not spend the time to inventory effects; therefore, we require your presence to ensure all effects are loaded at the pickup, unloaded at delivery and placed where you desire them. You are asked to inspect the truck for comfort in our loading and also to ensure all your effects have been unloaded. If you are not present, if you do not walk through your residence with us after loading, if you do not inspect our truck upon completion of your move, claims relative to missing or misplaced items are not accepted. MCM cannot be liable for any items forgotten or left behind if not present during the move. We are moving numerous articles and cannot be expected to remember all details of your move. You direct the activity during the move.

Items you wish to discard are occasionally desired by our men. To ensure no confusion, the item(s) given to the team should be noted and initialed on the invoice.

Invoicing is hourly based on the nearest quarter hour increment from the time the team leaves our shop and until their return. Additional charges such as vehicle mileage, 2nd truck, layover, packing materials, special equipment could apply and would be discussed should there be the need. We do not adjust time for traffic or inclement weather effects. Round trip time billed.

Disassembly/Reassembly – we can assist with disassemble and reassemble of many pieces in your home, with exception of: All exercise equipment (including treadmills, universal gyms, elliptical), pool tables, appliances, electronics, cribs and bunk beds.

Payment is due in full at end of each moving day and given to the movers. Payment is accepted in cash, credit card or personal check, but only if the move is local as well as the check. A non refundable deposit may be required before moving is started in some instances. If desired we can keep credit card numbers on file to charge your moves final balance to. If credit cards are kept on file, we will charge entire amount that is due, or continue to charge your card until paid in full. There will be a $30 administrative fee for all NSF, Stop Payment, no account or non-remittance upon job completion. A monthly service charge is assessed for all outstanding balances over 30 days. We accept all major credit cards, a $5 credit card processing fee will be added for American Express and Discover.

Gratuity for the men is common and accepted but not required. Do only if you wish and feel it to be deserved. We and the team prefer gratuities be paid in cash directly or separate check, but if included in service payment, please note the amount and initial.

Customer storage – All items placed into the customer’s storage are the sole responsibility of the customer upon completion of the move. The customer waives MCM of any further liability for such effects once placed to satisfaction.

Loading/Unloading Rental – MCM liability is limited to the time being invoiced and the service provided. We cannot be responsible for damage/issues prior to our arrival, past our departure or while effects loaded/unloaded or in transit. The materials you provide may not be adequate or compatible with the vehicle used. It is crucial you work with your truck rental agency to ensure you obtain sufficient moving blankets and proper tie-down straps to protect and secure the load from shifting and damage while in transit and when unloading. Be prepared to examine our loading/unloading quality upon completion, as you release our company of further liability when you sign your invoice and make payment for service. WE will no longer have control of your shipment and can not be liable in any way. Please call to discuss any questions relative to our liability position. Should you require padding for furniture and not obtain blankets from the rental agent, we have 3-ply paper padding available as a substitute though not the quality of professional moving blankets.

Company insurance – Our company is fully licensed, insured and bonded and provided at no additional cost to the customer is our protection termed Present Value Coverage. It is a depreciated valuation in the event of damage beyond the cost to professionally repair. Cosmetic and other nominal damage is repaired professionally by the service of our choosing or at our discretion. Replacement insurance is available to purchase at an additional charge. This would need to be requested and purchased prior to the move date.

Claims/Damage though not expected, could occur. The specifics of all concerns must be submitted in writing within two weeks of your move and the moving services must be paid in full for Mad City to honor your claim. See above/below.

Damages: Items that are not a total loss but damaged are dealt with individually. MCM reserves the right to professionally repair, replace or cash out (based on the above present value protection definition) at our discretion. In the event of a damage claim our first responsibility to the customer is to attempt to repair a damaged item back to its original state or as close to as possible. If an item were damaged beyond repair we would then reimburse the customer for the damaged effect at the current depreciated value. We do not provide both reimbursement for the depreciated value of an effect and restoration of the same effect that is damaged. Individual damaged piece only will be repaired/addressed, we do not reimburse for full sets in the event of a individual piece is damaged. Claims must be made in writing within two weeks of the move date. MCM will not honor claims made without inspection and assessment by us or service of our choice. Information including place of purchase, date, make, model and cost will be required in order to process a claim. Receipt if available is desired. If receipt or documented purchase information is not available, items will be cashed out at $.60 per pound.

Present Value Protection in the event of damage – Present Value Protection is the value of an item placed on a depreciation schedule adjusted by a fixed percentage of its original cost based on its estimated life in the event of a total loss. Furniture is depreciated over a ten- year period. Electronics, with the exception of computers, are depreciated over five years. Computers, due to their rapidly changing technology, are three years or less. Antiques or high value items are dealt with on an individual basis prior to the moving date. Antique items to be declared of antique value must have a current notarized appraisal.

Protection not provided Note: that protection provided by MCM limited to present value protection but does not include protection against loss or damage of the following: 1) accounts, bills, currency, securities & other important papers 2) jewelry, watches and other precious stones/items 3) fur garments 4) manuscripts, drawings and valuable pictures 5) contraband or property in the course of illegal trade 6) assembled particle board/pressed wood furniture 7) unpacked small items(less than one cubic foot), boxes left with open tops 8) baby cribs that are not completely disassembled. Also note that cribs and bunk beds are not assembled for liability reasons 9) unpacked lamps or lamp shades 10) owner packed boxes(not packed by our moving company) unless extensive signs of mishandling or negligence on the part of our moving company 11) soiling or damage to mattresses or box springs that are not bagged or boxed 12) manufacturing defects 13) previously repaired items to include items that have fully depreciated per schedule or reached the limit (age) of their fastening ability; including items that may come apart due to glue letting go at seams, veneers no longer adhering or chipping due to age and deterioration(a brittleness, etc.) 14) Customer assistance/involvement in any aspect of moving the items, voids insurance protection.

  • Electronic components (computers, stereos, televisions, dvds etc.) are covered only in the event of physical exterior damage. It is impossible to determine the effects of transit on the electronics. Other than televisions, small electronics are not covered in any way unless boxed. Flat Screens/Plasma TVs are not covered in unless in original box or a specifically designed box that can be rented from us.
  • Pool Tables –  Can only be moved if fully disassembled and slate pieces are crated.
  • Glass, marble, ceramic, lamps, pictures, etc. (breakables) items are only covered if professionally packed into boxes or crated by MCM. If moved unpacked, it is done solely at the risk of the customer.
  • Particle board/pressed wood furniture is only covered against damage if fully disassembled and all assembly hardware is removed. MCM is more than happy to move these items, but only with the understanding of the exceptions listed above.
  • Other fragile articles non-wood(not standard furniture) are treated as the above. Call if questions or to clarify before the move.
  • Appliances – MCM requires that all major appliances be disconnected and reconnected by professionals such as a gas, electric or plumbing. If necessary, Mad City employees may assist customers with this, however, MCM will not assume liability for any damage that may occur as a result.

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